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Honouring Boundaries

An Online Course in Honouring Boundaries

• Do you feel taken for granted?
• Do you always put others before yourself?
• Do you find it difficult to say no?

Most of us believe that setting boundaries is self-centred, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. 

Setting healthy boundaries is not pushing others away, it’s simply an act of self-love. 

Boundaries are the physical and emotional limits we set, expressing what’s right or good for you, in a compassionate and understanding and clear way. 

It’s a way to take care of you. By setting boundaries you are less likely to feel like you’re being walked over, manipulated, used or prioritising others all the time. 

It’s a way to make your expectations clear, so others know what to expect from you and how you want to be treated. 

Boundaries are the foundation of happy, healthy relationships, allowing us to separate who we are and what we think and feel from the thoughts and feelings of others.

Boundaries help us to be our wonderful unique selves whilst acknowledging the wonderful uniqueness in others. 

This course includes:

  • Do you have healthy boundaries - a quick quiz

  • Discovering boundaries

  • What we say yes to, what we say no to defines our life

  • Visualisations

  • Creating powerful affirmations for healthy boundaries

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Work through this course at your own pace.


You will have access to this course for 3 months. 

Why only 3 months, you ask?

Research has shown the completion rates on lifetime access programs is close to 0%.  The point of power is always in the present moment, so start your journey to self-love today and make a commitment to experience a richly rewarding and abundant life today.


You will, however, be able to print and save all your coursework from the learning portal for future reference.

Once you sign up, your log-in details will be sent to you within 24 hours. 

Honouring Boundaries Course

Your investment is just £47

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