I’ve always been fascinated by people. In fact, I love people and the fact that we are all so different. And I love conversation. 

We live in a world which is ever-changing. We have to adapt and some of us find that easier than others. I’ve spent a good deal of my life finding out what makes people tick, and I didn’t even realise it was happening.


And that’s how I came to discover my passion – helping people to change the way they see themselves and the world around them. To learn to love themselves again. To believe in themselves. To overcome stress or emotional pain, whatever the cause. And to begin enjoy life again.





We all have a story, whether it’s just a few chapters or an enormous long novel. I have my story too, and I’ve used it to change my life and completely turn it around.


I believe that we can change our lives by changing the way we see ourselves and what’s happening around us – our thoughts create our reality. If we let go of negative patterns and limiting beliefs, we can change our thoughts and change our lives. After living through and learning from huge changes in my own life, I recognised the potential for helping others to embrace positive changes into their lives as well.


Being listened to and truly heard, without judgement, makes a profound difference. I often see a difference in someone’s outlook on life just from one session of being listened to, being challenged and gently pushed beyond their comfort zone occasionally. Adding hypnotherapy to my already broad skills seemed perfect. After all, I really like talking as well as listening, and this way I could work with the subconscious as well as the conscious mind.

I still apply my training in my own life. Letting go of abuse, self-loathing, failed relationships, lack of confidence and many other things that troubled my past has changed my life completely, just as it can change yours. It doesn’t change what’s happened, you can’t change the past, but you can enjoy your life now and create a better future.

I know from personal experience how powerful this can be. I can help you to see what’s holding you back, offering you support and guidance as you go forward and take control of your life. I can’t do the work for you, but I will support you all the way, for as long as you need.


Wouldn’t that be great? Loving the life you live and living a life you love? I do, and so can you!