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Reiki Treatment


Reiki was my first foray into a spiritual life. I'd had a complete life change and ended up moving away from everyone and everything, to a place where I knew no-one and no-one knew me. I was still within reach of family and those I wanted to be in touch with, but needed a completely different life and lifestyle. 

I had been there for a few weeks, living a solitary existence, speaking only to checkout cashiers and shop assistants, and decided I needed to meet new people and maybe create new friendships in time.  

So I took the plunge and went along to social group that I'd come across, and that's when life really started to change. The very first person I spoke to there became a good friend, and introduced me to a spiritual network. 

I'd always felt that there was something else 'out there' and had had experiences as a child but always stuffed them away because nobody believed me. But now I started to realise that there really is more than just the daily life I'd been used to, which often felt like living to work instead of working to live. 


I started attending workshops and (it gets a bit woo-woo here!) I went to an angel workshop where I met my Reiki Master. The rest is history, though there's lots more stories I could tell that came as a result of that workshop!

My world opened up, and yours could too. I embraced the spiritual life and brought Reiki into my life. And it's never left. I have studied Angelic Reiki beyond Mastership, have a strong Usui Reiki lineage and was fortunate enough to study Holy Fire® III Karuna Reiki on Mount Kurama - the birthplace of Reiki - with William Rand. 

I offer treatment sessions online and in-person in Deganwy, and training in Angelic Reiki and  Usui Holy Fire® III World Peace Reiki at all levels, including Holy Fire® III World Peace Karuna® Reiki which is open to Reiki Masters of any lineage with at least six months' since Reiki Master.

To find out more about treatment sessions or courses get in touch, or visit our Reiki website at


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