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Virtual Weight-Loss Jab


Step into a world where your wellness dreams weave into reality. Close your eyes and let your imagination sweep you away to a realm of transformation, where the mundane fades and the extraordinary blossoms.


Let your thoughts wander to waking up each dawn with a fresh surge of vitality, eager to embrace life's adventures. Your journey towards a healthier you starts with that first courageous step, a conscious choice to tread a path that leads to a slimmer, more vibrant version of yourself. It's a chance to bid farewell to yesterday's burdens and welcome the sunrise of a new day.


Imagine feeling that surge of empowerment and that calm assurance radiating from within. With this groundbreaking approach, you're not merely shedding the weight, you're shedding the confines of self-doubt and limitations. No compromises now, no holding back. It's time to unfurl your wings now and show your full, radiant potential.


It's a world where transformation isn't a struggle, but a graceful metamorphosis. The Virtual Weight-Loss Jab is your guiding light in this journey, gently steering you. Unlike traditional methods like Semaglutide, Ozempic, and Saxenda, there are no injections, no painful procedures and no side effects. Just relaxation and transformation as you're gently guided to a healthier you.


You can expect a solution tailored exclusively for you, which honours your uniqueness. Your journey is not the same as anyone else’s, your challenges and aspirations are yours alone. This solution celebrates your individuality.


Embrace a future where wellness isn't confined to appearances, but intertwines deeply with your essence. This method delves into your subconscious, rewriting the narrative of your relationship with food and exercise, and yourself. You can say goodbye to short-lived changes; this is a lasting change, a new way of being. 


Your new story starts now, grasp this opportunity to embark on a voyage of self-discovery and renewal.


Are you ready now? Then let’s get started!



Live online group programme - four group sessions in a private Zoom room 

What's included: 

  • four one-hour weekly sessions

  • support recording to listen to every day

Investment: £87

Next programme starts: TBC


Individual programme - four INDIVIDUAL sessions, in-person or online

What's included:

  • ​four individual sessions

  • support MP3 to listen to every day

  • continued support throughout the programme and beyond

  • journal to complete each day for 28 days

  • personalised MP3 to use going forward

Investment: £350



Not sure if this could work for you?  Book your complementary consultation and chat with me to find out.

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