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Hypnotherapy for Stress

We get stressed when we are under too much pressure and feel unable to cope, and we all experience stress differently. What may seem like fun for one person could be incredibly stressful for someone else.

Stress is often a build-up of small things like pressure at work or financial worries that lead to ongoing, or chronic, stress. Feeling stressed for a long time affects both our mental, physical and emotional health.

You may feel anxious, overwhelmed and easily irritated, which can change the way you behave and influence the way you interact with people around you. You might find it difficult to make decisions, focus on what you’re doing, have racing thoughts going around and around, and constantly worry. You may experience tense muscles, headaches, problems sleeping, feeling tired, dizziness and changes in appetite.

All of this can impact on your daily life and make you feel unwell, leading to time off work.  Over time, long-term stress may even lead to mental health conditions like anxiety and depression.

So what happens in hypnotherapy for stress?

Firstly, you and I work together to explore the reasons for seeking hypnotherapy. Then, if necessary, I will contact your GP or another health professional involved in your care. Then we start to work towards relieving your symptoms, breaking negative thought patterns and responses to stress and provide you with a more healthy reaction.

Some people have good results from just one session, others may take more over a longer period. This will depend on your individual circumstances and the depth of work needed. You may be taught self-hypnosis and relaxation techniques which you can continue use going forward.

The sessions are calm, non-invasive, boost your resilience and help you break free from stress so you can enjoy your life.

Find out how Hypnotherapy and Coaching with Jackie Thomson can help you with stress: