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Hypnotherapy for Fears and Phobias

Fears and phobias can be debilitating. A phobia is an intense irrational fear of something or a situation which interferes with your life. So much so, that you will avoid those situations which may trigger that intense fear. And the longer you avoid it, the more intense the fear becomes.

Some very common animal phobias are spiders, dogs and snakes. A healthy awareness of poisonous animals is a good thing, keeping you safe from harm. 

Some phobias may appear ‘irrational’ but to the sufferer they are very real. A house spider, for example, is much, much smaller than you and is more likely to run away from you and hide than to attack you. But the thought of a house spider landing on you – or worse still, in your open mouth – when you’re asleep may be your biggest fear. 

Fear of flying is another common phobia. It stops some people even getting on a plane and curtails their travel, others will fly but don’t enjoy the flight and feel panicky and uncomfortable the whole time. 

There are so many phobias, most of which you wouldn’t even imagine unless they affect you.  The good news is, hypnotherapy for phobias can help. So you can enjoy flying, you can have a healthy respect for snakes without being irrationally fearful, you can live with the spider in your living room without jumping onto the furniture or having to get someone to put it outside for you.

So what happens in hypnotherapy for fears or phobias?

Firstly, you and I work together to explore the reasons for seeking hypnotherapy. That does mean you have to think about and talk about your phobia, always remembering that you are safe here with me.  In hypnosis, we start to work towards resolving your fears and changing the associated behaviours.  The sessions are calm, non-invasive, boost your resilience and give you tools to break free from your fears so you can enjoy your life.

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