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Hypnotherapy for Changing Habits

A habit is a repeated behaviour that is repeated so often it becomes automatic. We all have them. Good and bad habits.

Some habits are good habits. You brush your teeth every morning, you keep yourself clean by bathing or showering. Even driving becomes a habit. Once you’ve been driving a while, you don’t think about changing gear or turning the steering wheel, you just do it. 

And then there’s the bad habits. We all have those too, to some degree. Well, nobody’s perfect. Sometimes those bad habits are intrusive or socially unacceptable and can affect our health or wellbeing. Whether it’s affecting your physical, mental or emotional wellbeing, those are the habits you want to change, as well as the socially unacceptable ones.

I say habit change, because the easiest way to stop a habit is to change it. Willpower is great, but it’s not good at helping you to stop doing something you do automatically. Because a habit is automatic, you don’t even think about it. But if you can interrupt that pattern in some way, then you have the opportunity to change what you’re doing and improve the outcome.

Whatever type of habit you’re thinking of now, hypnotherapy can help you identify the triggers and change the response. 

So what happens in hypnotherapy for habit change?

Firstly, you and I work together to explore the reasons for seeking hypnotherapy and what you’d like to change. Then we start working towards making that change.  Sometimes it’s a single session is enough to change the habit, sometimes it goes a little deeper and takes a bit longer.  The sessions are calm, non-invasive, boost your resilience and give you tools to break free from those habits so you can enjoy your life.

Find out how Hypnotherapy and Coaching with Jackie Thomson can help you change your habits: